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I care, where do I start?


The climate crisis needs all hands on deck, and every passionate individual can make a tangible difference.


For the latest updates on the status of the planet, visit NASA's climate page or read the latest IPCC special report.

For math behind solutions that can be implemented today, visit Project Drawdown.

For some introductory environmental ethics, reach for Leopold's A Sand County Almanac or Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. These are classics that are easy to read!

For a quick video to inspire yourself and others to cherish the Earth, Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot changes perspectives.

Individual lifestyle changes:

Carpool or bike to work if possible, you'll save money and carbon!

Reduce your waste! Trash produces methane (a potent greenhouse gas) in landfills. See this example of using a reusable coffee cup.

Vote according to your principles! Demand comprehensive climate plans from candidates, make your voice heard.

Switch to a Plant-Rich Diet. It is potentially the greatest impact you can have on the climate as an individual, and it's healthy for you!

Contribute your human capital:

Find ways to leverage simple ideas on a large scale. Take initiative where you work: convincing management to turn off the lights overnight for an entire office building could save a lot of money and carbon. Become a champion for sustainable ideas within your company. Check out Georgia Tech's Carbon Reduction Challenge for innovative ideas!